About us

Based in Essex, England, Landseer Limited is a crop protection and horticultural advice company, meeting the needs of the fresh produce industry in the most cost-effective way. With over 40 years of experience within horticulture, our team are regarded as experts within the post-harvest sector and regularly provide advice and knowledge to the industry regarding annual seasonal and storage trends. Our team consists of BASIS qualified members, researchers, and qualified crop protection applicators. 

In an industry that has remained relatively constant for near to a century, the UK horticulture sector is facing more challenges than ever before. This can be attributed to a number of factors such as climate, economy, retail targets, and Government objectives. As a result, growers are now having to turn to a more precise way of farming to increase efficiency and sustainability whilst maintaining quality. This involves the use of technology and software; a subject on which many are unfamiliar with. Landseer are passionate about aiding our customers in navigating the rapidly changing industry by addressing the problems and challenges they face. Having been involved in the industry for over 40 years, we have established close relationships with growers which drives us all the more to supporting the sector.

We continue to act as marketing agents for Corteva Agriscience in the UK and are service providers for AgroFresh Inc, for which our qualified team carry out SmartFresh™ applications.

Landseer also acts as a bridge between external companies and UK growers. We trial new technologies and plant protection products which we believe aid in the production of fresh produce. Our relationships with our customers allows us to aid companies in better understanding the needs of UK growers specifically. We also keep in regular contact with several associates overseas to share thoughts and ideas and get a better overall picture on the direction on which the industry is heading.

We currently distribute TrapView automated pest monitoring systems, Croptracker’s Harvest Quality Vision sizing software, and are working with TrinamiX to develop a non-destructive method of fruit quality testing.