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Mark Tully

Managing director

Mark has been involved in the agrochemical and horticultural industry for nearly 30 years. He worked initially for a multinational agrochemical marketing company before starting Landseer Ltd in 1995.

Mark has gained a wealth of experience in arable, amenity, and horticultural agrochemical marketing. He is committed to the growth of Landseer Ltd by understanding the horticultural markets, further developing the product range and giving the best possible service to our customers.     |      +44 (0) 7775 601300

Stephen Tully

company director

Stephen has grown up surrounded by horticulture and from that, has developed good knowledge and understanding of growers’ targets, challenges, and of the wider industry. He later achieved a first class degree in biology, BASIS Agronomy diploma, and a FACTS qualification. Along with being committed to the growth of Landseer’s current product range, Stephen is dedicated to optimising technologies that are available to be cost-effective and beneficial in the fresh produce sector.     |     +44 (0) 7788318988

Catrin Allen

Sustainable development manager

Catrin has a general background in farming and achieved an undergraduate degree in zoology followed by a a research masters in biology. Catrin is FACTS qualified, and has experience in conservation and sustainability; she aims to transfer this knowledge to the industry. She is dedicated to trialing new technologies that will help growers meet targets in a cost-effective and efficient way.     |     +44 (0) 7794560388

Mehrdad Mirzaee

Technical development manager

Having conducted his PhD research in post-harvest apple disorders, Mehrdad is an expert in the field and is Landseer’s leading fruit tester. Mehrdad’s main focus is to carry out fruit testing both pre- and post- harvest, which offers invaluable information about the quality of fruit going into storage, and allows us to monitor the quality throughout storage. Along with this role, he is also a research fellow at Writtle University.

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